Sing Ly

Sing was the very first Hmong Youth Worker in America. He is passionate about he brings his experience and knowledge to the Allies Team to serve as the Hmong Multicultural Director. He is passionate about reaching the next generation for Christ. 

Sing is very well connected in the Hmong community and the leaders in the church and schools. He has been part of Allies for many years as a youth pastor and lead pastor in Hmong churches and has the DNA of Allies. 
There are 90,000 Hmong in the Twin Cities alone, and about 10,000 are churchgoers. The high schools like Johnson, Harding, Como, Central in St. Paul have between 30-50% Hmong students. As well as the high schools in the Maplewood and Osseo School district, where he works, where 52% of the student body is minority and his office is housed at Park Center Senior High where about 520 of the 2,200 plus students are Hmong/Laos. 

The young adult Hmong and married couples between 20s and 40s are the least reach in the Twin Cities by our Hmong churches. There are currently very few outreaches to the un-churched people from the church.
There is still a great need for more Hmong churches and ministries, especially churches that truly reaching out to the second generation of Hmong American.

Everyday his connections through work with hundreds of Hmong youth and families opens doors for relationships, outreach and possibilities to connect them to the Church.