Mobilizing the “seamless” Church in building the Kingdom Volunteer, Help, Spread the Word

Why We Collaborate? 

What is Collaboration? It is simply defined as, “the interaction among two or more individuals that can range from a variety of actions, like communication, sharing of information, coordination, cooperation, problem solving and negotiation. It really is a process of a group of people working together or the act of working jointly. It usually occurs when two or more people interact and exchange knowledge in the pursuit of a shared, collective goal.”

The question that I often get asked about the mission and vision of ALLIES is this, “Dan, is the sometimes very difficult process of collaboration a relevant and worthwhile effort?”

My passionate response to that question is, “YES, it is! The best way, in this ever-changing world of community efforts to reach and mentor youth, is to maximize our efforts, experience and expertise with a common vision. We realize that we play a key role in this process of bringing people to the table to be part of the process. We cannot do everything well, but we know that as we do our part and work together with other like-minded people and organizations our synergistic approach allows us to do more by leveraging our resources.”

 How We Collaborate 

  • Events
  • Initiatives – Allies is a leader in collaboration.
  • Campus Movement – Church-based Campus Strategy connecting student leaders from different youth ministries at their school
  • City Reaching – A vision for the capitol “C” Church to work together in Kingdom activities
    i. Networking
    ii. Evangelism
    iii. Training