Allies provides youth leaders and students a voice where awareness of needs, stories, and connection to resources, events and initiatives to reach and mentor youth for Christ.


Drugs, Crime and Sex…we all know the stats and all you have to do is turn on your television, listen to the radio, look at your internet news and every day you can see and hear what is happening to a generation of young people. People in our society and the Church (Parents, School Administrators, Community Leaders, and Ministry Leaders) are looking for answers…Parents, School Administrators, Community Leaders and the Church are all looking for answers…

You Lost Me

Books like “You Lost Me” by David Kinnamann states the challenge we have in the Church, “Millions of young adults are leave active involvement in Church as they exit their teen years. Some never return, while others live indefinitely at the margins of the faith community, attempting to define their own spirituality. Some return to robust engagement with an established church, while a few remain faithful through the transition from adolescence to adulthood and beyond.” So what is the key to students taking their faith from their adolescence to adulthood and beyond? Allies is leading a conversation with ministry leaders, youth workers, students, parents and other concerned adults. We believe that as students come to faith, grown in their faith, learn to own, live and share their faith as they move into adulthood they will keep their faith.

Every Generation 

  • The Baby boomer generation is 65%
  • The Baby busters they tell us are about 35%
  • The GenX and Gen Y’s – 15%
  • The current generation of The Millennial will be 4%

When we are all older, this generation will be Leaders of our Companies, Pastors of our Churches, teachers in our schools, politicians of our land, and occupy strategic positions on every sphere of our societies.