Allies Ministries

Allies is building strategic partnerships to reach and mentor the next generation for Christ.


  • Youth Workers in communities with a vision, strategy and plan to work together to reach the youth in their communities.
  • Students in schools who are connected with a vision to impact their peers and school for Christ.
  • Concerned Adult in Communities who care and encourage, support and provide resources for youth and their leaders.


  • Equipping people to effectively share their faith with people in their world.
  • Collaborative city-wide events and initiatives to reach youth for Christ.


  • Coaching next generation leaders to lead
  • Consulting with Church leadership in churches

Our Mission

It is all about youth! The WeCare network leverages existing relationships to create new opportunities for interaction between today's youth and their community's adults who have an interest in the process of mentoring and investing in youth.

The WeCare Network provides a secure and reliable conduit for information and resources between those with needs and those with resources. Regardless if the need is for thousands of dollars or two volunteers the WeCare Network utilizes a dedicated vetting and control system that honors the vulnerability of those expressing needs as well as the sacrifices of those meeting those needs.